Since 2001 our company has been improved in control of products’ system. We started cheking a load volume higher than U$D 10.000.000 in 2004. In 2005, we checked a U$D 8.000.000 load volume and a U$D 12.000.000 load volume in 2006. During the last three years we have increased in 50 % the list of products that we can offer to you. Moreover we have increased the number of countries where we are present making our vocation of internationalization clear.
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We are a group of companies from Europe and South America, which are specialized on the transformation and marketing to international scale of agroalimentary products.

We have a plant of manufacture of cork-stoppers placed in Spain. From this country, we export to other European countries, Russia and Latin America, If you want to know more about our cork plant you can visit us in

We have our technical and trade offices in Mendoza (Argentina) and Seville (Spain), and from them we search products across our companies associated in the areas of viticulture and agrobussiness.

We represent to leading companies in the sector and we are working on the markets of Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Spain, Ukraine, R.S.A., E.A.U., U.S.A. and Russia. 

 On the other hand, we have been also working in quality controls’ system and development and audit suppliers since 2001, in order to warranty the products that we export.

We would like to know you and your opinion in order to send you more technical and commercial information about our products or offered services.

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